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Tristan Bouchard

I am a Canadian born, U.S resident software engineer with a passion for taking on complex challenges & problems. My work ethic and relentless drive for knowledge has allowed me to learn fast and effectively perform in any new situation.


Through many projects, both personal and collaborative, I have learned to be resourceful independently as well as in a team focused environment.



Arc Apellago

Engine Programmer 2019 - 2020

"Traverse the sky in this open-air platformer featuring elegant, fluid movement and swift combat. Play as a mysterious assassin-like wielder of spirit energy to strike down enemies, restore the great guardian statue and return the land to the earth."

DeltaBlade 2700

Gameplay Programmer 2019

"Fight as a Rogue Cyberpunk Ninja-Robot in DeltaBlade 2700: an Action-Packed, High-Energy, Competitive Local Multiplayer Brawler with Explosive, Fast-Paced Sword Combat... and Jetpacks."


Cross-platform C++ Custom Console Framework


"Fast iteration is a fundamental part to any successful application. This cross platform framework facilitates the access to your data through command line arguments, giving you more control over your program at runtime. "


C++ Events API


"Real-time applications typically have many things that must be interconnected. Whether its a controller input resulting in the player jumping, audio playing etc., or a time sensitive event such as a client entering a queue, this api makes it quick and easy to modulate those responses."

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